Handsome Devil

Feature Film

Treasure Entertainment, 2016

The Queen of Ireland

Feature Documentary

Blinder Films, 2015

The Stag

Feature Film

Treasure Entertainment, 2013


Feature Film

Fantastic Films, 2012


Short Film

Tidal Productions, 2012


Feature Film

Cowtown Pictures/The Bureau, 2018 (due to release 2020)

(Art Director)

Dare to be Wild

Feature Film

Treasure Entertainment, 2015


Feature Film

An Pointe Films, 2015

Ghost Train

Short Film

Rank Outsider, 2012






Short Film

Lovely Productions, 2012

Winner Philips Best Short Film

Irish Film and Television Awards 2012


Feature Film - Unreleased

Bedoli Films, 2007

Christmas Perfection

Feature Film

MarVista Entertainment, 2018

The Other Lamb

Feature Film

Rumble Films/Subotica, 2019 (released 2020)

There You Will Find Me

Feature Film

Roadside Attractions, 2019 (US release 2021)